Harold the Manatee heads south…but only by a little


On Tuesday, we were able to track the animal by its radio tag to a canal on South Bimini. This tag offers information that we would otherwise be without – it is very exciting! Harold was feeding on the sea grass halodule. The USGS biologist was able to adjust the tag so that it fits the animal better. We continue to note the animal’s movement through Argos (see map) and VHF radio.  

There is still concern about where the manatee will be able to get fresh water and for the risk of boat strikes as the animal swims through the harbor, marinas and canals. Discussions continue between Bahamian & US parties regarding a possible capture & transport back to Florida waters; but, any rescue attempts are on hold until after the New Year. Of course – this could change if the manatee’s condition changes. Stay tuned!