DCP takes on manatee research

 Well, I guess more accurately DCP is assisting with and observing manatee research. What a treat! The Bimini Manatee (“Harold” for now) is still in the area. A biologist from US Geological Survey has kindly come to Bimini to increase our research efforts. The manatee was a no-show on Thursday, Friday & Saturday, which had us wondering if he was gone for good. But, Sunday morning, there he was! The USGS biologist was able to first confirm the sex (male!), collect a tissue sample (for DNA studies) and collect a second fecal sample (they can learn all sorts of stuff from this!). Then, on Monday, he was able to place a radio/satellite tag on the animal! It was so exciting! We tracked the animal through Bimini’s harbor to the northern-most marina. He isn’t too upset by the tag; it looks big, but when it’s a 1200 pound animal towing it around, it isn’t much of a bother.


 I’ll post some new photos soon!