Excuse me please, I have an announcement

Today’s field report will be a bit short and photo-less, but I’ll make up for it later in the week, I promise.  Saturday we had an impromptu dolphin trip with a small group of passengers.  We saw plenty of dolphins, but none who wanted to be observed under water.  I’ll have to see if any of the surface photographs were clear enough to be used for ID purposes.  Today, we waited patiently for a group of 10 dolphins, who again, wanted nothing to do with underwater observations.  But, then came a smaller group including un-named #78 & 87 and….drum roll please….Swoosh (#36) with….second drum roll please…HER FIRST CALF!!!  I have to admit, I did not see any nursing, but the ~9 month old, male youngster was in close proximity to Swoosh and she had swollen mammaries!  If I can manage to pull a still image from the underwater video, I will share it later in the week.  Congratulations Swoosh!! 

Until tomorrow,