The dolphins are still here!

Yesterday (21 March) I got sidelined from MVA2 preparations with a phone call about a dog named Peanut.  It seems that Peanut, one of the many strays on Bimini, has taken a liking to a friend.  So, when Peanut's recent ear injury (thanks to a fight with another dog) began to look infected, we knew we had to help.  There is no vet on Bimini, but Nowdla Keefe has always done her best to help out.  So, following consultation with a Nassau vet, we were armed with hydrogen peroxide, neosporin and antibiotics.  Peanut wasn't happy about the process, but hopefully we've been able to help.

 Today, it was time to gear up & get in the water!  The seas were relatively calm, but the radar was threatening.  We left the dock around 3 p.m. with many Easter tourists.  Soon, we were with a large group (mixed ages) of Atlantic spotted dolphins (Stenella frontalis)!  It was so great to see them – for those adoptive parents out there, we saw Split Jaw (#22), White Blotch (#29) Billy (#64), Nemo (#76), Leslie (#80) and I think Cerra (#38) with her first calf!  I recorded about 20 minutes on the MVA2 before it was time to head in, before the squalls. 

 I'm looking forward to another great season – for any of you interested in joining us, check out the ecotour/Bimini page:  Perhaps I'll see you in June?