A big welcome to the 2008 Bimini Eco-Tour passengers!

Is a dolphin a mammal or a fish?  And, while we are at it, what is exactly is a shark?


(Find the link to FAQ – this means Frequently Asked Questions.  Then you’re looking for the link to Dolphin FAQs.)


What is the difference between a whale and a dolphin?  And what about a porpoise?


(Stay on the Dolphin FAQ page.  The question, “Is that a dolphin or a whale?” will lead you to a Dolphin Pod episode – you can read along or just listen to the answer)


Do dolphins have hair? 

(Find the link to The Dolphin Pod.  On the right side, click on “Kid’s Science Quickie.”  Scroll down until you see the title, “Do dolphins have hair?”  You can read and listen to the science quickie for the answer)