Bimini Arrival – check!

Today officially marks the beginning of DCP's 2008 field season (insert horns blaring, wild cheering, etc.)!  The brief plane ride over was uneventful, at least after I made it through the chaos that was the Ft. Lauderdale International Airport.  Mental note:  Sunday travel through FL during prime spring break time is not recommended.  But, our flight was relatively on time and smooth.  As I looked down on the Gulf Stream below, I knew I was on my way home…

Off the top of my head, I'd say this was my 21st flight in/out of Bimini.  The island looks slightly different every time, but the beautiful teal waters always excite me.  I peer out my window (all the seats are window seats on the little plane) each time, just in case we are low enough to see dolphins.  But, once again I am temporarily disappointed.  Today's "disappointment" didn't last long though…as we crossed over the island, I could look over the bank and mangrove system.  And, for the first time, I was able to spot the famous "shark mound!"  Different people say this formation caused by different things – but whatever causes it, from the air, it looks just like a shark on its side – and I mean, just like one.  Very cool.  Next, I saw a real shark (likely a nurse shark) in the shallow, tea-tinted water and then, just before landing, the remains of an old plane crash.  Definitely the most sight-seeing I've ever done on approach to the South Bimini International Airport.

This week will be filled with visiting friends, unpacking and getting the MVA2 ready for action.  Stay tuned!