Long time, no write

So, Bulldogs, my name is Kelly Melillo.  I thought that we could start with a sort of internet scavenger hunt to help you get to know me, DCP, our dolphins and our website.  Read below – work together & share your answers with your teachers:

What does DCP stand for?  Can you find the What is DCP link?  We study 3 different species (types) of dolphins in 3 different countries – do you know what they are?  When we study wild dolphins away from the United States, do we chase or touch them?  Should you?

Can you find the DCP Biographies?  Where was I born?  Who is Umi and where was she born?

I lead DCP’s Bimini field site.  Can you find the link to DCP’s Research Sites?  What country is Bimini in?  Can you find it on a map?

Later, check out our “Dolphin Speak” game by clicking on the Dolphin Speak picture in the opening slide show on our home page.  If you don’t see it right away, wait and watch until you see it – then click on it!

I’ll write again in a couple of days!  Have fun!