A day off…with dolphins!

Yesterday was a day-mostly-off & I headed out for a quick boat ride with friends.  The seas were a bit rough, but we were surprised by a group of 5 bottlenose dolphin right outside of the Bimini harbor!  We observed them from the boat for a bit, while I had the chance to exercise DCP’s new digital SLR camera.  This camera allows me to capture still images of bottlenose dorsal fins as they break the surface of the water, which in turns allows me to track these dolphins over time through photo-identification.  We know less about the Bimini bottlenose dolphins than the Atlantic spotteds, but we’re learning more all tTt14_Biminihe time.  We have 24 bottlenose dolphins documented; and yesterday we saw bottlenose ID14 (pictured) among others.  I’m very excited to continue adding to our fledging photo-ID catalog as the summer progresses!  Thanks to all of DCP supporters whose generosity allows us to purchase the tools necessary to learn (and teach) more about these animals!

Until next time,