A great dolphin trip turned stormy

Saturday’s impromptu dolphin trip was interesting, to say the very least.  We left the dock (with DCP research associate Darcie Blanding with us!) shortly before 1630, watching the skies fill with dark clouds.  We saw dolphins relatively quickly and had an amazing underwater observation.  Present were Tina (#14), Split Jaw (#22), Niecey (#48, pictured and possibly with her calf), un-named #78 and #25 with swollen mammaries and a small calf!  This is likely #25’s first calf, so it was very exciting for all of us.  After about 30 minutes under waNiecey's head, Trip 15 2008ter, we were called back to the boat because a storm was rolling in.  We got caught in some rain, but beat the lightning and thunder and were back to the dock safely before 1900.

The next few weeks may be a bit slow in terms of boat time, but hopefully impromptu trips like this will pop up! 

Until then,