A rough start to the week, but things are calming down

a very large shark…The shark, most likely a tiger shark, was conservatively 10 feet long and cruising past the boat at about mid-water column.  Perhaps this was why the dolphins were acting so odd.  By then it was time to head back to the dock, so we said goodnight to the dolphins – and the shark.

Today began rough, so we stayed within the relative shelter of the island.  We received word from another boat that there was a tiger shark in the area (the same one?), so we wondered what we might encounter.  A few hours before sunset it had calmed down enough to venture further out where we again saw un-named #84, a single, older calf and Tim (#69).  We observed the group underwater for about 10 minutes & watched them surf the waves for about a half hour. 

The forecast is a bit better tomorrow, so my fingers are crossed!