Bahamas Marine Mammal Stranding Network

The workshop was held at the Atlantis Resort and we were introduced to their bottlenose dolphins and lab facilities.  Thanks to their staff for their warm welcome and their support of the network in the future.  We were also able to chat with representatives from UNEXSO (Freeport, Bahamas) and Dolphin Encounters (Nassau) who have also expressed their willingness to support the Bimini section of the stranding network should the need arise.  We’ll need it!

After all the great education and conversation we were able to visit Dolphin Encounters (DE), one of DCP’s field sites.  I’ve been here twice before and it was great to get a first hand update on the animals.  The nearly two-year old calves are doing great, Princess is pregnant and due in September and three of the “new” sea lions are due in June!  The sea lions, who arrived at DE as celebrities in their own rights (they were displaced because of Hurricane Katrina), are preparing for their interactions with facility guests.  We gladly volunteered to participate in their training and got a crash course on sea lion anatomy and behavior.  A big thanks to the DE staff!

Now, I’m back in Bimini, exhausted.  Hopefully I’ll get a good night’s rest because a run of 4 dolphin trips begins tomorrow!  The seas look beautiful at the moment, so hopefully it will stay that way!

Until next time,