So many boats, so few dolphins.

On this tiny little island, there are surprisingly many dolphin boats. As we got out to the dolphin grounds, we saw that all four were out in full force, many already with dolphins. It wasn't until 3 hours into our trip that we were able to find some of our own.

This was a group of 6 dolphins initially, only 3 of which stuck around including one rambunctious little calf. Our suspicions are that the adult was one called Ebony, but our ID photos are a bit limited for this animal so we aren't sure. After 15 minutes watching these guys underwater who were very quiet and not too interested in us but seemed to let us tag along for a bit, we called it a day and headed back in.

We've got a lot of data to process over the next week before the trips resume. Our days will be packed.

The dolphin girls