New IDs and new theories

Came across a large group of adults on Tuesday, although we were only able to identify two of them from the surface. We're hoping to get a look at some underwater footage from Brett and get positive IDs on the other 5 animals. It was the first all adult group we have seen so far.

Also met Split Jaw (#22) for the first time this season, and the 'Soggy Bottom Girls.' Though they weren't much into swimming with the passengers, they hung around for a bit, bowriding, and playing in the wake.

On our way back in, we encountered a group of about 5 hanging out in the shallows right outside the entrance to the harbor, something we'd never seen before. It was too dark to get any IDs but from what we could tell the group seemed to be feeding. The captain, Mel, had an interesting theory about their presence here. For the past 4 full moons, they've spotted dolphins (both spotted and bottlenose) in this area. She connects this to the spawning cycles of certain fish in this same area, which the dolphins come to feed on. Interesting…