Mother/calfs galore!

We saw at least three mother-calf pairs on the tenth. Our IDs were from topside observations, so we cannot confirm who they were (with the exception of possibly Freckles), but they were quite entertaining. Our first sighting was of two M/c pairs, one calf with a ramora stuck to its side which it was not happy about at all. The calf was using any means possible to remove the annoying hitchiker, to the delight of passengers on board. This pair returned for an encore performance later on in the trip, sans remora, the calf flipping, surfing, and generally showing off, while the mother patiently waited a few yards away.

Another M/c pair wanted nothing to do with us and hung out on the bottom, possibly foraging, but we can't be sure. And we were revisited by the small calf from the previous trip, who was slightly less energetic, but still wonderful to see.

Since then, not too much excitement or dolphins in general. However, we were blessed with our very first apartment-mate, Mr. Roach, who was politely encouraged to leave. The joys of island life…

Signing off, from Bimini
Kelly and Kathy