Close encounter with the Guld Stream, and bottlenose galore!

Another late night the other day. Had some in and out encounters and some strong currents, but on the final entry we were able to spend some quality time with Cleopatra (#41) and Juliette (#12). They hung out with us for twenty minutes or so, foraging and playing and just milling around. At one point they both went after one of the passenger's fins, which we got a kick out of. We reluctantly left them when we ran out of daylight.

The next day we came across bottlenose after bottlenose, most totally not interested in us but hanging around just to humor us for only a few minutes. Just as we were about to give up, we spotted our spotted friends, a group of ten, mostly adults and one or two calves. All of them were really energetic, circle swimming, teasing us. We were even fortunate enough to witness some nursing by one of the calves. We haven't ID'd these guys yet, but we know that White Blotch and #17 were there.

Again we ran out of daylight and had to say goodbye. Maybe tomorrow we'll have better luck at finding them earlier in the evening.

We'll keep you posted.
K and K