Last Day at Sea for Trip 1

Swimming with Bottlenose Dolphins … out here!

Our last day at sea began with two bottlenose dolphins swimming by the boat at 6:47 am. Only Bill, Peppie and I were awake. A welcome good morning to all of us. We did see a few spotted dolphins further up north as we traveled, but they were not interested in us. Later in the day, we had our first 10 minute encounter with 22 bottlenose dolphins! They rode our bow and then stayed just on our visual periphery under water. But, they seemed a bit curious about us. There were two calves with the group and the adults even let them come close to us. After two water entries, we neared water too shallow for us to approach. The dolphins moved off and we continued south. An excellent trip. I will post a summary tomorrow. Stay with us for next week. Cheers Kathleen