Wednesday – choppiness returned

A day filled with sightings, though not exactly what we hoped for

The wind and swell increased during the night. Squalls again made their appearance giving the deck a good rinsing. The morning brought numerous whitecaps that covered the sea surface making looking for dolphins difficult. We did a dinghy search trying to locate some dolphins and saw only 2 bottlenose dolphins that were more interested in their morning meal than us. Can't really blame them. One volunteer, John, and Peppie saw distinct splashing at the edge of the ridge nearer to deeper water. It was a toss up as to whether the dolphins or small tuna caused the splashing. So, John and Peppie took the dinghy out (about 2 miles to the NW) to check it out. Sure enough, spotted dolphins! Of course, neither of them took their gear! The dinghy came to get us and we zoomed back … but to no avail. The dolphins had continued their travels. We hauled anchor and searched the area with the big boat, but no dolphins were around. We arrived at the Sugar Wreck after 3 PM. Dream Too (another vessel) was there and we all snorkeled among the fish and other critters making this wreck their home. A few hours later brought us to our anchorage – a few miles in from the Sugar Wreck in an area dominated by sea grass and shallow water (6 m). A good area to see fish, nurse sharks, and maybe some crater-feeding dolphins. We saw lots of the first two and none of the last. Till Tomorrow, Kathleen