Update for last week: Trip #4 for DCP

25 – 31 August 2001 is DCP's last trip for 2001

As with last week, we will be posting our daily updates from Trip #4 at the end of the week. Likely, we will post the updates on or near to 1 September. We do not have access to a phone while out to sea. We appreciate your patience with us with this slight delay in posting our reports. Since my sister is getting married this week, I won't be checking email after posting this note. I will resume email checking and replying in early September. I very much appreciate all the patience that everyone has … especially those that sent me messages over the last month or so. I will reply as soon as I have the time … to sit down and read all the emails and then write my replies. Till then, have a great rest of August. Watch the weather and wish us calm seas for the last week of August. Cheers Kathleen