The days just get better!

… with dolphins and weather.

What was most special to me on this day was that we saw and swam with #39 (Doubledot) and #78 (Hook). I first met these two dolphins in the early 1990's and saw them with their first calves a couple of years ago. It was such a pleasure to see them again … with their juveniles. We actually had our longest encounter of this trip (so far) with these two mother/calf pairs: 37 minutes! And 25 minutes of video recorded of their interactions. I felt like I was seeing family grow up and expand. We had several dolphin sightings today and three long encounters with a few other entries during which the dolphins were into their own thing and not interested in staying around us humans. We also saw a manta ray that was about 3.5 feet across – wing tip to wing tip. And, a lone bobie bird flew over top on a southerly path. Near the end of this day, we observed a group of five young dolphins. The oldest, still a juvenile, had a small remora fish with it. She leaped several times in what appeared to be efforts to remove this unwelcome passenger. The remora was not dislodged. We spent more than 56 minutes in the water with dolphins today. A great day!! And the seas were again flat calm, warm and clear. We are getting spoiled! Cheers Kathleen