Dolphins everywhere

Early morning departure

We all had a good snorkel while the main boat took on fuel. And, by 10:30 am we resumed our course north. Within an hour we had a few bottlenose dolphins bowriding. What a sight to see! Like a welcoming party. And soon after we had a few spotted dolphins that allowed us only brief glimpses of them under water. Still, the day was a huge success! We had four encounters with from 3 to 23 spotted dolphins. There were several mother/calf pairs observed and a few dolphins easily identified: #3 (Topnotch), #4 (Whitespot) and #65 (Venus)just to name a few. The dolphins were VERY playful, even passing seaweed back and forth between themselves and us. We anchored on the little 'dolphin wreck' in the afternoon and immediately had about 20 spotted and bottlenose dolphins in a group around the boat. They seemed to be ignoring us and playing more with the horse-eyed jacks around the soaked eye-beams. We recorded much video and had a great day. Till tomorrow. Kathleen