Saturday – Arrival Day

Day 1 of Trip #3

Final details are attended to in preparation of passenger arrival. The boat is ready. We pulled out and assembled the last pieces of our research gear. I put the array together mostly. It was in storage in a pelican case in the hold while we were in Japan and the USA. I left the o-rings out and the camera out. I want to teach the coming volunteer researchers (i.e., passengers) how my array is assembled and used. Tonight, they will help me grease the o-rings and put the ensemble together after our research and safety orientations. We have six passengers/volunteer researchers this week. Everyone is aboard by 4:30 pm and introduced to the boat. Everyone gets settled before dinner and then we have the orientations. Everyone is excited, me included. Our weather is predicted to be beautiful and calm all week long. Let's hope so. We will leave port at about 5:30 am to begin our trip. More tomorrow. Cheers Kathleen