Sugar Wreck investigations.

Observing a dolphin, and a few turtles, nurse sharks.

We woke to similar conditions – a two foot swell and windy weather. A low pressure system was moving our way and the sea and skies were predicted to get a bit worse. So, we hauled anchor early in the day and motored towards the sugar wreck. On our way we saw a single adult spotted dolphin. It had the tip of the right side of its fluke missing. Looked like a new scar. Maybe we will see this individual again to confirm identification. On the sugar wreck we snorkeled and alternated who was on watch. No dolphins sighted, but we had two nurse shark sightings under water. And two turtles were seen – one loggerhead and one hawksbill. I saw them from a distance since I was on watch. Peppie and two passengers fished while we visited the wreck. They caught a few yellowtail snapper that we had for dinner this evening. Very tasty. After our visit to the Sugar Wreck, we motored south and anchored just north of Sandy Caye. The seas were much calmer and we could more easily look for dolphins. Till tomorrow, cheers Kathleen