Visiting Sandy Caye

Choppy seas in deeper water.

On our radar screen, we can see the storm clouds and measure the length and width (in miles) of each storm – large and small. The squalls around us were small and moving away. The faint lines near the deeper water were not so cooperative. They indicated that our return trip to port would be a bit bumpy. So, we held watches till late morning and then headed in to port. But, before that, we took the dinghy over to Sandy Caye. It was only a mile away from our big boat and allowed us to investigate a bit. The island is a sand spit and quite tiny. We all walked around it in less than 30 minutes … slow walk. We also swam and snorkeled a bit. Warm waters. Unfortunately, we did not see any dolphins this morning. We did see lots and lots of white caps. And had a fun ride back to port. All in all, however, a great week. In a day or so, I will post the trip summary. Cheers Kathleen