Happy Independence Day to the Bahamas.

28 Years ago today they split from the CommonWealth.

The sea and wind conditions did not worsen from yesterday, but they did not improve either. The sun did grace us with its presence, though. A warm sunny day. One that began with a few bottlenose dolphin sightings. A nice way to begin any day. Even when these dolphins seemed to be either traveling or feeding and not interested in bowriding or any interaction. We did see a group of 6 spotted dolphins in the early afternoon who were mildly interested in swimmers. Mostly they seemed to be snacking on the small eyed-flounder and gobi fish that live in and on the sandy seafloor. Actually, I believe we witnessed some teaching. One adult female (RemoraKid #61) would scan the seafloor for the fish. Once found, she would pick them up and drop them by the two calves (both males) with her, or appear to direct the calves to the location. The calves then mouthed the fish and occasionally swallowed one. Maybe they were learning about fish and how to catch food. It was great to see #61 again. She is a mom now, when last time I saw her she was a subadult without offspring. Just amazing to watch the pass of culture and generational information. Till tomorrow, cheers kathleen