Storm Clouds

Choppy Seas and No Sun all Day.

Our winds gusted to 15 mph today giving us a bit of whitecaps to the sea surface. There was also a bit of a swell (~2 feet). And lots of rain off and on throughout the day. The rain would not have been a problem for our in water observations … we'd be wet anyway! But, the dolphins were not interested in us today. We saw several groups … which stayed just on the edge of our visibility, both above water and below the surface. Frsutrating, but this happens some times. We had no encounters today, only brief pass-bys under water. We did have about 8 sightings of spotted dolphins as they passed us by. All the dolphins seemed to be traveling to some important meeting. We also snorkeled over a small wreck – lots of fish, a few barracuda, and a few sting rays. Overall a good day, though relatively swim free. Till tomorrow, cheers kathleen