Last minute touches

eight passengers arrive, greetings all around

My dad always taught us that Together, Everyone Achieves More … notice that the first letters spell TEAM. That's what happens especially on a boat. When we work together we get more done in a shorter time. After preparing the boat for the trip, like getting grocieries and making the berths up, then we focused on getting gear ready and welcoming folks to the Hanky Panky. Yes, I am spending the next four weeks aboard the m/v Hanky Panky. If you want to get a view of the boat, then check out Peppie is our captain this week. He is a real character – but more on him during the week. Luckily, my bags finally arrived late yesterday afternoon. This morning was time to put my array together. I brought enough zip strips to clip all together and borrowed the needed weight for ballast from Peppie. All is set. Only one visit from Mother Nature that I hoped we would not have … a squall came through at about 18:00 (6 PM for those of you not familiar with the 24-hr clock). The wind gusts were strong enough to push the boat about 10 feet off the dock and the rain socked us through … for those of us caught outside away from shelter. There are a few storms on the satellite pictures, but I am hoping they stay away or re-route. Assuming fair weather in the morning, then we leave port at about 9:00 AM. Will post more tomorrow evening. Cheers Kathleen