Travel Day

Getting re-acquainted with the boat and the Bahamas

Well, my flight out this morning was a bit delayed which in turn had me sprinting through the airport to catch my flight to Freeport. I made it, but my luggage did not. Okay … it was only a few hours delayed. I can brief a sigh of relief that all is here and tomorrow morning I will be assembling my array. Passengers arrive tomorrow afternoon. For those of you not familiar with the protocol for my data collection in the Bahamas, I am boat-based this summer. That is, trips are 7 days long with eight passengers arriving on Day 1, then we are out to sea looking for dolphins from Day 2 through Day 6. We work together to look for dolphins and then gauge their behavior before we enter the water with them. Everyone works together to gather data … and I'll explain more of this as the days go by. As I indicated in yesterday's message, I'll be posting several days of updates at once at a frequency of about once a week. This is because we do not have a telephone hook up while away from port. But, not to worry, I will keep you updated on the progress of each trip. Well, time to close up the computer tonight. I'll post this note tomorrow. Have a great weekend. Cheers Kathleen