Turtles, Sugar Wreck and high seas.

We woke to calm seas … for a time.

Our trip north encountered progressively increasing winds and seas. By the time we reached the northern most spot and had done a few searches east and west, we could not anchor nor could we safely enter or exit the water. It would seem that Father Neptune was a bit perturbed this week. That or we were experiencing the remnants of Hurricane/Tropical Storm Debby in the form of a weather wave. (We still are uncertain what this refers to in meteorological terms but we accept it …) We had some really good swells as we turned the boat to head south again. The passengers did not realize they also signed on for a rollercoaster ride besides helping with research and swimming with dolphins! We still wanted to snorkel/dive on the sugar wreck and were able to grab the mooring bouy relatively quickly given the 4 foot swells we were riding. We swam with another sea turtle and spied several fishes. Our stay here was about 1.5 hours – enough time to snorkel and to catch our dinner. Pepe catches snapper for our dinner aboard. Tonight will be spent at Sandy Cay again. In fact, another of the large liveaboard boats is tucked behind Sandy Cay out of the wind and seas tonight. At about midnight, we checked the anemometer (wind meter) and it read 29 knots! Thank goodness our anchor was holding. More tomorrow. Cheers Kathleen