The Sugar Wreck and our Return South

Hurricane Debby has caused us to return to port early.

We woke to news that Hurricane Debby might be heading our way. So, after lunch we hauled anchor and began our trip south. On our way, we stopped at the Sugar Wreck – remember the barge carrying sugar and molasses that sank in the 1920's? This time we saw a nurse shark and a large (1 meter across) green turtle. It swam around several of the people for about 30 minutes. We also saw many fish and … even had a group of 10 bottlenose dolphins pass by us. They were not interested in us but were slowly traveling to the South. After our brief stop at the sugar wreck, we continued south. We arrived back at port in the early afternoon. The seas were a bit rough but not too bad. A bit of rain and a bit of wind but all was okay and we tied off at the dock. Well, time to finish up a few things. I'll have a summary of our sightings and encounters in the next day or two. We will also be watching the weather channel and the weather faxes. Cheers Kathleen