Dolphin Encounters

We spend much time underwater observing.

The 15 minutes was followed by a second 2.5 minutes with the same group of 6 dolphins. This third encounter was very special to me … At first we saw two two-toned, class 2 calves. They were playful and mimicked out behaviour and swimming. They circled us and head scanned and clicked at us. The young seem most curious about our 'split-fins.' Then, the calves' moms swam into view. I recognized Hook (#78) immediately. She has a distinct notch just below the top of her dorsal fin on the trailing edge. Then, Doubledot (#39) swam into view. At first I was unsure of #39's identity, but then I saw the notch in her left pectoral fin. I was thrilled to see them and to recognize these two females. When I last saw them, in 1997, they had gained many spots but still were subadults. The first time I saw them (1992), they were juveniles. And now, this year, they have calves of their own! It is like following a family history. I took several photos and will add them to my photo-ID catalog. I should be able to digitize these shots when I return to the USA (in Sept) and post them so you will all know to whom I am refering. One final note, it seems that Debby has become a hurricane. We are keeping watch on the weather reports. If she continues on her present course, we will have to return to port a day early. We shall see. The morning weather report will bring us news. Cheers Kathleen