Getting ready to go

Waiting and enjoying the heat and humidity

Well, we are set and ready to go. The passengers should be here any time and we will leave port tomorrow morning. There are a few tropical storms on the horizon but all still looks okay. We had some amazing lightning displays yesterday afternoon. I also wanted to share with many of you a bit of information I received from a colleague still on Mikura Island in Japan studying the dolphins. There was another ash and steam eruption on 11 August and right around the same time several earthquakes and landslides that also affected Mikura. The pier we used is damaged and not usable. There was a new pier not yet finished but the government is offering limited use of it. Still, the research is quite limited for the remaining summer months. The best thing is that no one was hurt. One other interesting bit of weather information is that the season is already on typhoon #9! And the seas were more than 5 meters near shore. My colleague assures me the dolphins seem fine and so are our friends on shore. Have a great week and I will write more and post all next Friday. Cheers Kathleen