The weather finally cooperated!

The wind died down, and a morning shower rinsed all, briefly.

We were up and on the move before 6 am today to be able to catch the staff ferry to Dolphin Encounters. Mats and his team buried the Elvis mat of hydrophones while I prepped the array and Christer prepared the MOSART tag. Our adrenaline was enough caffeine for us this morning … especially since the weather cooperated.

Both of my sessions today were with the three adult males: Jake, Fatman, McGyver. And, for the first session, Jake and McGyver were captivated by Princess. She positioned herself on the other side of the fence between their pens with 'come hither' eyes and fluke wags! Jake and McGyver were watching her and pausing only to take breaths!

The afternoon session was better and they were more interactive with each other and swam around a bit. Of course, that meant that I swam around a bit more too! Alas, I was plagued by a foot cramp in my left foor for the first 10 min of the session and a right foot cramp in the last 10 min of the session. Still, I collected data and some whistles were audible with there slow swims.

Tomorrow promises to be another great day.
Till Then,