Our Dolphin Encounter began the Day at DE

Meeting Goombay and Andy in the front pools was a delight

The following comments are from each member of the group about their first experiences at DE.
Layla: The encounter was nice and I learned a bit more about the dolphins than I knew before. The weather is nice and I am glad I am here. This is a wonderful experience for me and I look forward to bringing it back to my people.
Johanna: This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be in a place like this, in the Bahamas. It is really cool.
Dallas: The dolphins are nice. The weather is “cool” (pretty sweet). And, there are lots of coconuts.
Raneisha: I feel real honored to be here. I’ll bring lots of it back and I hope to over come my fear of the dolphins.
Andrea: I overcame my fear of the dolphins. The texture of their skin is much different than I thought – not slimy. I’ve seen lots of birds and other animals too and it is really cool. This is stuff I’d not have planned for myself so it is fun.
Jill: This is an amazing opportunity for everyone. We are experiencing new food, new people and culture and hanging out with dolphins. It is unforgettable.
Gary: It is interesting how the dolphins interact with the trainers and have their own personalities. Goombay seems very independent. The dolphins seem to interact differently with men versus women. Even after the encounter, the dolphin came back and wanted to be rubbed … without being asked by a person.
Wendy: I am intrigued about Kathleen’s studies into nonverbal communication and how we can take her results and relate them to human behavior.
Rachael: It is a once in a lifetime opportunity that I always wanted to do. I was a bit scared but it was fun. It is cool to do everything hands on and up close with the dolphins, not just from the video.
Halee: When I first got here I was speechless. Dolphins are my favorite animal. I was so excited about the dolphins jumping when we arrived. I am grateful to be doing this program.