The second phase of our research team arrives

Kathleen joins John and Kristy and brings scientists from Sweden, too

The underwater visibility was not great but Kristy still was able to collect some video data with the MVA. John was able to capture several images of the facility as well.

Kathleen arrived to overlap for a few days with Kristy and then finish up this month's field season. Also joining DCP this trip are Mats Amundin, Christer Blomqvist, Josefin Starkhammar, and Sofia Dahl representing Linköping University and Kolmårdens Djurpark in Sweden. They have come to test out two systems: the MOSART tag and the ELVIS system. The MOSART tag is a small hydrophone and click detector that records what a dolphin receives from other animals. It is worn on the right pectoral fin. The ELVIS system is a mat with 16 hydrophones that will be buried in the sand to study how dolphins might feed benthically.

We have much planned for the second half of this session at Dolphin Encounters … and we are very optimistic with respect to the data we should be able to collect. Stay tuned and we will keep you aprised of the details as they unfold.