A windy morning but more data

The seas were rough and the winds up again, but the dolphins engaging.

Today was an exceptionally good day, but also a tiring one. We had to be finished by 4:45 pm for a 5 pm departure. There was a staff event for the DE team tonight. Still, I was able to get 3 sessions in today and Mats et al got 4 sessions in with Elvis. The first two sessions for me had first Nina and then Jake wearing the pec pac with MOSART tag, too.

Nina was not thrilled to be wearing the pac today because her calf, Cacique had her attention. He was mis-behaving a bit and mom was whistling constantly to him and occasionally disciplining him … raising him out of the water or swimming in tight, fast circles with him. Very cool data and very similar to what I have seen with wild dolphins, but not fantastic for MOSART data …

Jake wore the pack for a bit longer time. He had it on when I was observing the three adult males and then kept it on when he joined the Elvis study. Much click data was collected today.

Good thing the sessions with my MVA were early because the swells and rough seas caused the visibility to drop dramatically. We are hoping it improves for tomorrow.