Another great day in Paradise!

Several neat behaviors were documented today.

The morning was again clear and peaceful. Our taxi ride was a bit slower than expected. And, when we arrived to the ferry terminal we found that there was no guest boat to DE, but a separate boat came out for us and we were able to get to the dolphins by 9 am! We were very greatful since our sessions were simply awesome!

I had a 30 min session with Princess, Abaco, Chippy & her calf and saw so many neat behaviors. Abaco was barrel rolling and whistling. Chippy was guiding her calf with her left pec fin while swimming upside down. Princess seemed to have no trouble with me today but was jaw clapping through the fence at the adult males. And, she had bubbles accompanying her jaw claps and squawks. I was so jazzed when I exited the water that I rattled off all these codes and behavors to Christer, and startled several of the trainers. They wondered what my excitement was about … and I gladly shared my observations with them.

Mats, Josefin and Sofia had a great session too. They had 4 sessions with each of the dolphins finding the target when even only a small bit was exposed. Tomorrow they get to see if a buried target will be found by an echolocating dolphin.

We feel so lucky to have this opportunity to collect data on these dolphins.
Till tomorrow,