Welcome DE Staff Members!

This morning began early for me with breakfast with Nowdla Keefe.  She introduced me to a older native man who was eager to share stories of his encounters with dolphins and other memories of the ocean.  An avid lobsterman in his time, I was very excited to hear his tales.  I hope to join him for breakfast again before I leave….    Next stop:  Water taxi to greet Ranaldo & Tanya, my guests from Dolphin Encounters.  They seemed to have a good journey & I left them to settle into the apartment while I did the phone link with the aquarium.  Then it was time for lunch & a dolphin trip.  We first saw dolphins at 1730, including Lone Star (#56), Nemo (#76) and possibly the elusive Cleopatra (#41).  The group size grew to at least 14 animals, but they were scattered & difficult to ID from the surface.  Under water I was able to see Romeo (#10), Tina (#14), Swoosh (#36), Nemo (#76) and Leslie (#80).  On our second water entry, I saw the same group plus Lil’ Jess (#35) and Lone Star (#56).    We were back to the dock a bit early (1941), which meant we were able to have dinner at a nearly reasonable hour!    More dolphin trips to come,  Kel