Tropical Storm Dean is on the horizon

Yesterday was a bit of a bust.  Each errand I tried to do ended unsuccessfully, then dolphin trip #42 turned into a snorkel trip as the sky darkened, then lit up (with lightning), all around us.  These squalls are not directly related to tropical storm Dean which is building in the Atlantic.  But, of course, we are all keeping a close eye on its development.    Today we had better luck.  It rained right up until the boat departed at 1607.  At 1820 we saw a group of 8-10 spotted dolphins, including adult males & females and calves.  We were able to have a swim and although visibility wasn’t great, I think I’ve got some shots good enough to ID the older animals.  I didn’t immediately recognize anyone in the water, but our boat captain did see White Blotch (#29) from the boat.    Tomorrow’s dolphin trip has been cancelled as the passengers have elected to have a non-dolphin adventure.  I’m disappointed I’ll miss a trip, but I’m always happy when tourists are interested in all that Bimini has to offer.  We’ll see if a walk-in trip develops for Saturday.    Until then,  Kel