Bottlenose just outside the harbor

Today began with computer work, then video logging, then a dolphin trip.  The dolphin trip started with a stop just outside the harbor, where a group of at least 7 bottlenose dolphins were apparently feeding.  After getting a solid number of dorsal fin photographs from the surface, we decided to try & see if they would allow us to observe them underwater.  Once in the water, I could tell they were coming quite close, but only because I lifted my head out of the water to see their dorsal fins less than ten feet away.  But, visibility immediately outside the harbor is so poor that we could barely see them underwater.  So, we decided to return to the boat in search of dolphins in clearer water.    We did see a group of spotteds not far off the island, but they were not interested in our boat.  Further north, we found a small group that was interested.  Tina (#14), un-named #25 and (I think) Tim (#69) were part of this group of 5.  They gave a few good glimpses underwater before taking off in a hurry.      On the way home, we got another quick (and I mean quick) hello from a bottlenose.  Soon, we were back at the dock, swatting mosquitoes.  Another trip tomorrow!    Until next time,  Kel