Saturday: Data

Yesterday was a day off the boat, but since nothing exciting was going on, I spent part of the day catching up on data entry.  Today was the start of a Bimini Undersea dolphin week that unfortunately got off to a very rainy start!  Luckily the rain stopped just in time for a 1600 departure.  We got a quick glimpse of bottlenose at 1634 before seeing spotteds at 1757.  It was a group of mothers & older calves including Stefran (#82) and un-named #86.  I’ll have to review the video, but I think one (if not two) of the calves now has enough spots to be entered into the catalog!  Very exciting!  After our swim, we continued to head back toward the island and were lucky enough to have a 16 MINUTE bow ride from #86 & calf.  That might be the record, I’m not sure…    We got another quick glimpse of bottlenose before returning to the dock.  Another trip tomorrow!    Until then,  Kel