Dolphin trip #35

Today we saw dolphins very early, but a private US boat was also observing the group.  It is a difficult dynamic between private foreign boats & local commercial boats, but things are usually handled quietly & respectfully.  We observed the large (18+) group of spotted dolphins & while this other boat was in the area.  Once it left, we tried for a swim, but the dolphins were still on the move.  Shortly after a second private US boat came into the area, but after a nice radio conversation, they agreed to keep their distance from the animals.  So, we continued to observe the group as they headed south.  There were a few more water entries, but the final entry around 1920 was by far the most interesting.  It was a group of mainly adults, with one calf sneaking a circle swim here & there.  But, toward the end of the swim, one adult seemed a bit agitated with sudden movements and S-posture.  The dolphins seemed to be swimming away at the same time, but our encounter shifted from interactive to observational.  Back on the boat, we enjoyed a nice Bimini sunset before returning to the dock at about 2040.    More dolphin trips scheduled for Tuesday & Thursday.    Until then,  Kel