Fire Ants

This report is so ridiculous that I’ll keep it short.  The fire ants have attacked again.  And I made the mistake of not checking my shorts!  Needless to say, my hip and surrounding area are completely devoured.  Ouch!  We did find one potential source of the ferocious creatures.  The pelican case for the Top Dawg camera system sits just far enough off the floor for one of the island’s friendly lizards to hide beneath.  He thought he was safe.  But, he was not safe from those fire ants!  When we lifted the case there were hundreds of fire ants devouring him.  Gross.  Hope none of you was eating while you read this one.    So, it was the final straw and meant searching through all of my clothes again (why do they love them so much?) and fumigating.  Hopefully this is my last fire ant posting.  And tomorrow I can get back to work.    Until then,  Kel