Day 2

It was a good morning, which was nice since last night left quite a bit to be desired.   The night was filled with scattered squalls & although most of them avoided the boat for the most part, the boat did not stop rocking for even a minute.  But, the afternoon made up for it – we first saw a group of bottlenose dolphins.  After I got a good bunch of dorsal fin photographs, we left this group in search of spotteds.  Sure enough, just when we thought we might not see them, there they were.  It was a group of mixed ages who were very agreeable to my presence in the water.  After 40 minutes of video, and a squall on the way, it was out of the water.  I can’t wait to review the video!!    Tomorrow it’s back to Bimini, searching for dolphins along the way.  Hopefully I’ll sleep better tonight…    Until tomorrow,  Kel