Back to Bimini

Hi everyone!  It looks like it will just be me, Kel, posting field reports for the remainder of the summer.  Our interns were great & I hope that they are enjoying their time at the DCP office in Connecticut.  As for me, my quick jaunt to the states was a whirlwind, but a welcomed one.  I returned yesterday (Friday) and today I was able to hop on a last minute dolphin trip.  It was an incredible one!  Conservatively there were thirty – that’s 3-0 – Atlantic spotted dolphins.  Since I could actually count 30, I would be comfortable saying that there may have been as many as 40, considering that they were surrounding the boat & very hard to keep track of.  A slew of regulars were there including Romeo (#10), Tina (#14), Lumpy (#17), Lil’ Jess (#35), Swoosh (#36), Lone Star (#56), Nemo (#76), Leslie (#80) and un-named #79 and #87.     By the look of the schedule, there will be a bit of a dry spell for Bimini Undersea dolphin trips in the coming weeks.  But, have no fear!  I have been able to reschedule my exploratory adventure south of Bimini!  As long as the weather holds, I’ll be traveling south about 60 miles to investigate what spotteds frequent the area around Orange Cay.  Local dive crew have passed along some great info & I hope to capture as many individuals on film to preliminarily determine if Bimini dolphins venture that far south; or, if we are dealing with a completely separate population!  I can’t wait!    Until next time,  Kel