3 Species Day

Today started with a special, non-dolphin sighting right off the beach….any guesses?  Huh?  Huh?  Okay, we guess we’ll tell you….It was a….manta ray!!!!  We got a few good glimpses from the boat before it swam away, but everyone was impressed with its size.  And although this really excited everyone, the dolphins would wind up testing our positive outlook by staying away from the boat until 1930!  Despite the late appearance, we were able to observe them from the boat (with a quick bottlenose dolphin swim by) for awhile and get in the water twice.  We know that Tina (#14) and un-named #78 were present.  We’ll have to review the video for more IDs.    Today ended the official “Dolphin Week” but we have add-on trips tomorrow & Saturday!    Until then,  Tabby & Kel