Dolphins in deep water

Today began with the phone link & the dolphin trip began with a snorkel stop at “Atlantis” (aka “Bimini Road”).  Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, but was eager to search for dolphins.  So, we did!  And we found them very close to the drop off, where the sea floor quickly gains depth before sharply dropping to about 2000 feet.  At 1910 we first observed the animals in 34 feet.  We entered the water with them (including Swoosh #36 and Lone Star #56) at 40 feet.  The captain informed us that at one point of the encounter we were in 108 feet of water.  We got out of the water at 42 feet, then back in again at 108 feet.  We exited the water for the second time (with White Blotch #29) at 156 feet.  Since we are normally in less than 30 feet, this all felt very odd!      Another trip tomorrow (yay!),  Kel & Tabby