Dolphins ARE real!

Tabby may have thought that we were lying, but there really are dolphins off Bimini and DCP really does study them!  We had a fantastic day today, although the dolphins took their sweet time showing up.  It was 1902 when we first sighted a single spotted dolphin (Juliette, #12).  She was leaping and chasing a mackerel, but she took time for a quick bow ride.  As she led the boat into deeper water (> 100 feet) a group of juvenile spotteds dolphins appeared, along with a bottlenose dolphin.  Of course, Kel was very excited about this sighting (as it is the topic of her Master’s thesis) and we were grateful to be able to get in the water.  We observed the bottlenose attempting to “mate” with the young spotteds, who, as usual, didn’t seem to mind.  After about a 25 minute swim, it was back to the boat.  The dolphins continued to ride the bow of the boat for quite some time and after exactly 1 hour of dolphins in sight, they were gone.  With the sun already set, it was back to the dock for us.    Another trip tomorrow!  Kel & Tabby