3rd: Happy Birthday Kel!

Even though we aren’t in the United States, we allowed ourselves some time yesterday & today to enjoy the holiday spirit that can be found even in Bimini.  Yesterday was Kel’s birthday, so a group of friends took us to the eastern side of Bimini where we enjoyed a lazy day in the sun.  We were able to catch fresh conch for made-on-the-beach conch salad.  Another first for Tabby.   Her verdict?  “Mighty Tasty!”     Today, US Independence Day, is pretty big here on Bimini because so many US tourists make there way to the island.  We ventured away from North Bimini for the first time – all the way to South Bimini!  It felt like we were truly out of town, even though the two islands are separated by a very small channel.  We watched fireworks, listened to live music and had a wonderful time.  Tomorrow it’s back to work!    Until then,  Tabby & Kel