No boat

Today we finished a rouge tape from 10 May 2007.  It was the fastest video log ever – about 46 minutes of video logged in about 4 hours!  (Yes, that is FAST).  It was a great encounter with Romeo (#10), Tina (#14), Nemo (#76), Leslie (#80) and a few others including the adult who is now missing about half of her dorsal fin (see field report 13 May 2007).  Our diligent photo-ID matching skills paid off because we discovered that this animal is in fact Lone Star (#56)!  She has healed very well & it doesn’t look like this injury will cause her any trouble.  There have been other observations of dolphins around the world who have lost their entire dorsal fins & they don’t have any trouble balancing or maneuvering through the water.      Although we were hopeful for a walk-in dolphin trip today, it didn’t happen.  So, Tabby got a chance to explore the island while Kel called her mom (Happy Birthday Mom!).  Now our hopes are up for a dolphin trip on Tuesday (which just so happens to be Kel’s birthday ;-).    Until then,  Tabby & Kel