Kel spent the morning tidying the apartment for Tabby’s arrival.  Then she spent the afternoon tracking Tabby’s flight online as it continued to be delayed.  In the end, it was only about an hour late & Kel met her at the South Bimini airport.  We took the “bus” to the water taxi to the golf cart to the house – and probably didn’t travel more than 3 miles!  Tabby’s reaction? …  “That was a small plane!  But oh, look at the water!”  After the two minute tour of the apartment, it was time for Tabby to break in the bike & go grocery shopping.  She’ll be ready for the Tour de France by the end of her internship!    Right now there is no dolphin trip scheduled for tomorrow, but we’re hopeful for Sunday & possibly others throughout the week.  Fingers crossed!    Until next time,  Kel & Tabby